How to create “con” folder in Windows


If you have tried before, you may have noticed that you cannot create a folder named con in windows.This is because the name “con” is a reserved name since the DOS operating system was created, it comes from console.

But do not worry, if you are really keen to create this folder at any location there is a way :

  1. Enter Windows Tab

  2. Go to „Run”

  3. Type cmd.exe then press enter

  4. Enter this code : md\.\C:\con ( The “C:\con” represents the path were the folder will be created, so it’s editable.)

  5. Success

Con Folder

Before creating the folder please make a note, there is no way i have found to delete the folder. You cannot edit it, nor use it to save any data, Its just a useless folder.But you can pride yourself with the creation alone .

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