How to tether Android in 3 simple ways


Tethering is the use of a mobile device such as a mobile phone to supply Internet access for another device. Although many businesses set up free Wi-Fi access to the Internet for anyone to use, tethering can still be useful. In the next lines we present 3 of the most known ways in which you can transform a Google’s Android into a modem.

Method 1: Tether Android with Application software that Need Root

  • this method requires heavy configuration

  • free of cost

  • risky

Firstly, you have to gain root access to your phone, a process that uses one of Android unofficial add-on .This is a bit complicated, requires more steps and if used incorrectly it can block the phone. The method includes: unlocking your phone’s boot loader, flashing a recovery image, and flashing an add-on to the default Nexus One firmware. We recommend this method for users that have some experience in hacking. On the bottom of the page  there’s a video of how to tether a G2 Android phone:

Advantages of method: It’s free and turns the phone into an Wi-Fi hotspot that anyone can connect without extra applications

Disadvantages of method: If something goes wrong, you can block your phone and you may sacrifice automatic Android updates.

Method 2: Tether Android with Proxoid

  • this method need medium configuration

  • free

  • no root required

If you do not posses much knowledge we recommend this method. It bypasses routing by using one of Android applications: Proxoid by turning your Android device into a proxy server that your computer uses to make internet requests. The application is free but you need to install the Android SDK or device drivers into your computer, configure your browser to use a proxy server when you want to tether. For this method, you need to the followings: click me.

Advantages of method: It’s free and it’s not risky.

Disadvantages of method: The installation of Android SDK (long list of instructions).

Method 3: Tether Android with PDAnet

  • costs $30, payable once

  • no root required

  • minimal configuration

Tether Android

Another Android application that gets the job done for us is PDAnet. It lets you tether the phone using some of Android default applications and simple software on your pc.

With PDAnet you can access http ports by simply tapping a button to start the software on the phone and then click “Connect” on PDAnet in your PC.

The advantages of method: It’s risk free, easy to use and with a quick install.

The disadvantages of method: Requires installation of PDAnet on your PC and 30$

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