How to Disable/Turn Off or Customize the AutoPlay Feature in Windows 7


For those who don`t already know what the AutoRun and AutoPlay features do, I will start by doing a brief introduction:  the AutoPlay is a very important feature because it examine immediately all the newly discovered removable devices and media (including pictures, music, video files, etc) and allows the user to choose what program to use for running the application, while the AutoRun function allows some programs to start automatically when a USB storage device, a CD, a memory card etc is inserted into your computer.

For a better safety the Redmond company has changed the AutoPlay and AutoRun function for the most used operating system, which is Windows 7. In Windows 7 the AutoRun function isn`t supported any more by the AutoPlay for those non-optical removable media (in another words it works only for CD and DVD when there are introduced into a computer).Microsoft made these changes because it reduced the chances for malicious program to leverage on the AutoRun weakness to initiate spreading.

No matter how hard Microsoft has tried to improve the safety of Windows 7,  there always will be users, such as commercial and enterprises users, who prefer that the AutoPlay function be completely shut down. I have to say that they are right, because if you work in an office/workplace environment where there are lots of computers connected together the risk of spreading malware is definitely much higher.

So, if you like to do all those things instead of AutoPlay you can fallow these steps to change the default settings:

1. Start

2. Control Panel

3. Hardware and Sound

4. AutoPlay

5. Then click on the Change default settings for media or devices.

6. And finally uncheck the box Use AutoPlay for all media and devices

7. And if you want you can also customize your setting manually.

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