How To Uninstall / Remove SysDefence Virus (Removal Guide)


The SysDefence virus is yet but another rogue anti-spyware (or virus-scanner as one of our readers referred to a similar rogue) that surfaced in the past few days and started affecting numerous computers. Read on as we will talk about what The SysDefence is, how it gets on your computer, what are the ways it tries to trick you and, most important of them all, how to remove / uninstall the SysDefence virus from your computer.

First of all, you might be wondering how Sys Defence got on your computer, and that is a good way to make sure you won’t be dealing with similar viruses (or rogues, virus-scanners, call them what you will) in the future. SysDefence gets on your computer when you download a codec or a flash update from an infected site. This is why we recommend that you always download codecs and flash updates only from trusted sources. Once downloaded, the infected file will install a Trojan that will download the rest of the data it needs and then install SysDefence on your computer and then make it automatically start each time Windows loads.

When SysDefence loads, it will start a fake scan of your computer for infected files. When this fake scan finishes, it will report that a large number of infections were detected. Do not worry, as these fake “infections” were created by the same Trojan that installed the SysDefence virus on your computer. These files are easy to recognize due to the random names they have. So, do not worry about the scan report as all these reported infections are harmless. In addition of this fake scan, SysDefence will also try to trick you into buying the program by displaying numerous warnings on your desktop (all of them security related) as well as faking a Windows Security Center that recommends that you buy SysDefence (the real Windows Security Center does not recommend any specific anti-virus solution).

So, you now know that all the warnings given to you by SysDefence are fake and that you should not purchase it by any means, as it is a scam. If you bought SysDefence, I recommend that you contact your credit card company so you can dispute the charges.

So now we’re at the main course of our article:

How To Remove / Uninstall SysDefence

Step 1: Go here and download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware on your desktop.

Step 2: Close all (ALL) open windows and applications. It’s recommended that you try to kill the SysDefence process from the Windows Task Manager. If you are not allowed, just skip to the next step.

Step 3: Run the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware setup from your desktop.

Step 4: During the installation process, make sure not to change setting you are not sure about. It’s imperative that you tell MBAM to automatically update itself and run once the setup is complete.

Step 5: When MBAM loads, go to the scanner screen, and perform a quick scan. When the scan is complete, click the “Show Results” button, select all the detected infections (not only the SysDefence virus) and then click the “remove selected” button.

When the removal process is complete, you should have successfully remove / uninstalled SysDefence from your computer, all related files, as well as any other malware that Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware found on your computer.

Note that this is a very new virus, and that certain complications might occur that we have not yet considered. If the steps above did not work for you, you can try entering the MSConfig dialog and restarting your computer in “Diagnostic” mode and then repeating the steps. Another thing you might want to do is to rename the setup file for MBAM as soon as it finished downloading. If these tips did not work for you either, please tell us what went wrong and maybe we’ll be able to solve things out for you.

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