How To Fix iTunes Error 5002


iTunes Error 5002 has been affecting iPhone / iPod users since the beginning of the year and throughout 2009. I don’t know about 2008 or earlier, but I know this year has been a pain in the neck for lots of users. Some people reported that restarting their computer worked. Although this spring the problem mostly affected people who downloaded paid apps, lately it seems that free apps are generating iTunes Error 5002. Well, here is a way to fix it:

  1. Download App Cleaner from here, and then install it.

  2. Run App Cleaner.

  3. Search for iTunes in the app folder, and then drag&drop it into the App Cleaner window.

  4. Re-download and re-install iTunes.

Apparently this process solves iTunes Error 5002, but we do not guarantee for it. Let us know if this iTunes error has affected or if it’s annoying you. Follow the steps above and then let us know if it worked. We hope it did.

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