How To Uninstall / Remove TheDefend Virus (Removal Guide)


I guess virus makers just ran out of names for their frustrating little malware files. This is the case with TheDefend virus (by the way, how can you possible articulate something named TheDefend without being idiotic?), yet another rogue anti-spyware that has been infecting computers all over the world in the past couple of days. While I could not skip joking about the name, this scam (as TheDefend virus is) is really serious and its purpose is to trick you into believing that your computer has serious security problems, and that you buy TheDefend to take care of the detected infections. It’s obvious that you should not buy TheDefend as it is a fake, and the only thing you need to do is learn how this malware operates and then remove TheDefend from your computer using our removal guide. Let’s get started, shall we?

TheDefend gets on your computer, just like 99% of the rogues do: they are installed via a Trojan that you pick up when downloading an infected flash update or a video codec (infected sites will ask you that you download either one of those just so you can view a video). Once the Trojan is on your computer, it starts downloading the rest of the data it needs and then it automatically sets up TheDefend to start each time you restart your computer.

How To Remove / Uninstall TheDefend Virus

Another thing the Trojan that installed TheDefend does is to create a series of harmless files with random names. These are the files that it detects as infections when it performs its fake scan (all rogues do it). These files are harmless, but if you don’t know that, you’ll just fall for the trick: that’s buying TheDefend just so you can remove the infections. Now that you know that TheDefend is a virus in itself, you should remove it as soon as possible.

There are other ways TheDefend tries to trick you. One of them is the display of security alerts on your desktop. The most common are the Spyware Alert, the Infiltration Alert and the Security Center Alert. Do not believe any of these warnings and proceed to uninstalling TheDefend from your computer.

How To Uninstall TheDefend Virus Using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Step 1: Go to our download page here and download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Step 2: Close all applications and windows. It is highly important to try and close TheDefend from the task manager, if it allows you to.

Step 3: Run the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware setup from the desktop.

Step 4: All you have to do during the install process is make sure you don’t interfere too much with the default settings (at least not if you are an inexperienced user). In addition, make sure you tell the software to automatically update itself and launch once the process is complete.

Step 5: Once MBAM has loaded, go to the “Scanner” tab, click the “Perform Quick Scan” radio button and then hit the “Scan” button below. This will start the scan for TheDefend virus, any related files, as well as any other malware that MBAM is able to recognize. Now wait for the scan to be complete.

Step 6: Once the scan is done, go back to the main scanner tab and hit the “Show Results” button. Any detected infection (including the TheDefend virus) will show up here. Make sure you select all the infections and then hit the “Remove Selected” button.

Step 7: Once Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware has finished removing / uninstalling TheDefend malware, as well as any other infections, a scan of the log should appear in a Notepad window.

If you followed the steps in our removal guide but were not able to remove TheDefend from your computer, you might want to leave us a comment with what went wrong and maybe we, or another SoftSailor reader can get back to you with a solution.

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