How To Uninstall / Remove GuardPcs Virus (Removal Guide)


If you got infected with the GuardPcs virus, here is an article that will cover all you need to know about this malware. Read on how GuardPcs gets on your computer, what GuardPcs does and, the most important of all, how to remove GuardPcs from your computer. IMPORTANT: Do not buy Guard Pcs. It is a virus/scam and you should remove GuardPcs from your computer as soon as you detect it. But let’s get started, shall we?

The GuardPcs virus gets on your computer when you download an infected flash update or a video codec that contains the GuardPCs installer Trojan. This is why you should always remember that the best way to fight viruses and other malware is to always have Internet security software installed.

Just like with other rogues around, GuardPcs is then installed on your computer (without you actually knowing about this) and set up to load up each time Windows starts. The Trojan that we talked about before will also create numerous files around your computer. These files created by the GuardPcs virus are harmless, and easy to recognize by the random names they have.

Remove GuardPcs As Soon As You Notice It

The next time you restart/turn on your computer, the GuardPcs rogue will load and perform a fake scan of your computer. When this is complete, the report will tell you that the detected infections (meaning the files GuardPcs itself created) cannot be removed until you purchase GuardPcs. As GuardPcs is a scam, do not believe this scan report and proceed to removing GuardPcs from your computer as soon as possible.

But the GuardPcs virus does not stop trying to trick you here. It will also display numerous warnings on your desktop: Spyware alerts, infiltration alerts,etc. In addition, GuardPcs will also imitate a Windows Security Center, also trying to make you buy GuardPcs.

Ok, now let’s cut the small talk and remove GuardPcs virus from your computer. Here is the removal guide (note that this may not work for every computer, depending on how much time GuardPcs has had to change the settings in your computer and… luck. If this GuardPcs removal guide does not work for you, please let us know what happened, and maybe we, or other users that browse our site will be able to provide some useful advice.) You should print out these instructions as you’ll have to close all open applications and windows at a certain point.

Step 1: Go to our download page here, and save the setup file for the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software on your desktop.

Step 2: Close ALL applications and windows, then run the setup from your desktop.

Step 3: During the install, it’s recommended that you stick to the default settings.

Step 4: Before the install is over, make sure you tell MBAM to automatically update itself and then load once that’s complete.

Step 5: In MBAM, go to the scan tab and perform a quick scan. Malwarebytes will now scan your computer for the GuardPcs virus, as well as any other malware.

Step 6: When the scan for GuardPcs is complete, go to the “Show Results” button, select all detected infections (not only the ones with GuardPcs in the description) and hit the “Remove Selected” button.

When the removal process is complete, you should have removed GuardPcs from your computer, any related files, as well as other infections detected by Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

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