How to Configure Opera Mail with Gmail, Yahoo and AOL


I`m sure you are all aware by the fact that Opera`s latest Web browser, which is Opera 10, has added an essential feature on its software-named Opera Mail.  Well, it`s no surprise that Opera had to step up its game, because with such competition, there is no time for mistakes.

There is no doubt that with this two combined functions, Opera 10 will be a success. Opera Mail users don`t have to worry about missing their massages during an unexpected lost connection, because the software has a session restore option, which, in many cases is the hand of God. If you really are interested in Opera Mail features, then you should read here.

I`m glad to announce you that I`ve found some tips and steps of configuring you Opera Mail whit Yahoo, Gmail and AOL, so follow these steps:

-          You should start by enabling POP or IMAP in you Gmail account.

-          Then go to Tools , click Mail >Chat accounts

-          You will have to create an account, if you don`t have already one, or simply click Add.

-          Select E-mail and then click Next.

-          A dialog box should pop-up.

-          Complete the following and then press Next:

-  Real name: here you have to choose a name, which will be displayed in From field of your sent e-mails

-  E-mail address: your entire Gmail address.

-  Organization: this box is optional, so if you don`t have an organization or you don`t want to complete, then you shouldn`t.

-          In the next dialog, type the following:

-  Login Name: here you have to type your Gmail login name

-  Password: your Gmail password

-          After that process is done, select IMAP or POP, of course, depending on the service you`ve enabled in your Gmail account

-          And finally click Finish.

For an optimal sync between your Gmail account and Opera Mail, only If you are using IMAP with Gmail, you`ll have to do something extra such:

-          Set up an IMAP account

-          Then Go to Mail and click IMAP Folders.

-          Select your Gmail account, right under the Accounts option

-          Uncheck these folders:

- [Gmail]/All Mail

– [Gmail]/Spam

– [Gmail]/Trash

-          Now, press OK

The configuring process for Yahoo and AOL is basically the same, so what are you waiting for?

Opera Mail accounts

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