How To Uninstall / Remove IGuardPc Virus Removal Guide


The IGuardPc virus is in fact a rogue anti-spyware. It will employ various means to make you believe your computer is infected so that you buy IGuardPc. Do not buy IGuardPc as it is a scam. If you got the IGuardPc virus on your computer, you should remove it using the IGuardPc removal guide provided below.

The IGuardPc virus gets on your computer when you download an infected video codec or an infected flash update from an infected website. Obviously, you will not download the entire IGuardPc virus, just a Trojan. This Trojan will then download the rest of the data and set IGuardPc to automatically start when your Windows OS loads. The next time you restart your computer, IGuardPc will pop up and perform a fake scan of your computer for viruses. What you also need to know is that when the Trojan downloaded the data, it also created harmless files on your computer (these files are easy to recognize due to the random names they have). These files will be reported by IGuardPc as infections, but when you try to remove them, IGuardPc tells you that you first have to buy the program. Do not buy IguardPc ! It is a scam. What you should do is remove IGuardPc using the removal guide below.

Note that the IGuardPc will display a series of other security warnings. The titles of these warnings are: Security Center Alert, Infiltration Alert and Spyware Alert. In addition, the IGuardPc virus will display a fake security warning, also design to trick you into buying IGuardPc. If you see these screens, proceed to removing the IGuardPc virus from your computer.

Follow Our Removal Guide To... hmmm... remove.... IGuardPc From Your Computer

Ok, now that we’ve identified what IGuardPc does and how it tries to trick you, here is how to remove IGuardPc (note that it will be required of you to close all applications, including your browser, so it’s probably best if you print out these instructions first).

1. Go to our download page here and download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for free. Save the setup file on your desktop.

2. Once the download is completed, close all applications (including your browser). Now run the setup from your desktop.

3. Make sure that you don’t interfere with the default settings if you are not an experienced user. In addition, make sure to tell the software to automatically update and launch itself once the setup is complete.

4. When Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is launched, go to the Scanner tab, click the Perform quick scan radio button and then the Scan button below.

5. When the scan is complete, click the Show Results button and then check all the detected infections. Removing IGuardPc means you remove both IGuardPc and all related files. Otherwise, the virus will just come back.

6. When the removal process is complete, you should have successfully removed the IGuardPc and all related files.

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