How To Make Windows Vista / Windows 7 Boot Faster Using The MSConfig Dialog


It is commonly known that your computer can never boot fast enough. This is why today we will talk about how to make Windows 7 and Windows Vista Operating Systems load faster by using the MSConfig dialog.

Although one way to make your computer boot faster is to make sure you don’t have too many programs in your startup list (as each and every one of these programs will slow down the boot process), and buying a newer, better machine is a thing we all postpone as much as we can, you can try making a few changes in the MSConfig dialog. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Go to the Run dialog (Tip: Pressing the Win and then R buttons will bring up the Run dialog).
Step 2: In the text field, type in “MSConfig”, then press Enter.
Step 3: Go to the Boot tab.
Step 4: If you are using a dual/multi – boot setup, make sure you select the appropriate OS.
Step 5: Press the Advanced button. Check the “Number of processors” box and then select the maximum allowed number of processors.
Step 6: Exit MSConfig and restart your computer.

Simple, but effective !

If you are using a multi-core system, this may greatly improve the boot time in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. However, single core system owners will notice no improvement whatsoever.

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