How To Merge / Combine Multiple PDF Files Using PDF Merger


Merging multiple PDF documents into a single, complete document, is a need something a lot of you may have encountered. Unfortunately, the Adobe Acrobat way is not that simple, and I know a lot of users (both novice and experienced) that are looking for a quicker, easier way to merge PDF documents.

This is why today we will talk about how to combine two (or more) PDF files into a single one using PDF Merger. (Considering the fact that PDF Merger is a very useful application, I won’t start my usual ramble about straightforward app names in the industry).

Ok, so before we start the 1-2-3 process of merging together PDF files, it is worth telling you that PDF Merger is also able to convert the most popular image formats into a PDF document. The merging options are simple and you will find almost everything you need one click away.

Now… here is how to combine together multiple PDF files using PDF merger:

Step 1. Click here to download PDF merger for free.
Step 2. Click the Add button to add the files.
Step 3. Choose the order of the documents.
Step 4. Click Merge.

There you have it, now you have successfully combined multiple PDF documents into a single one.

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