How to: update you Droid to Android 2.0.1 version


It`s a fact that Motorola couldn`t make us a better present than Android `s 2.0.1 update in this holiday season. It seems that the software update for Motorola Droid is now out and it`s definitely making its way to the device via an OTA download.

If you are among Droid`s owners, you`re probably wondering now how long do you have to wait until the official update notification appear on your phone.  Well, I`m glad to announce you that your waiting is over because the wonderful boys from PhoneArena has just found a way to download the Software Update file directly to your PC . It`s a very simple procedure if you fallow this steps:

1. Download the file

2. Once the downloading process has finished you have to place it in the root directory on Droid`s memory card. (but you have to be very careful not placing it in any sub-directory or rename the file to something else.)

3. Power you Droid off

4. Slide open the phone, because you have to use your keyboard.

5. Now you have to press and hold “X” (on the keyboard) and turn on your device.

6. If you keep pressing the letter “X” on you display should pop-up a triangle and an exclamation mark, which is a good thing.

7. Then you have to release the X button and then press the Volume UP and Camera buttons at the same time.( Warning: you have to make sure your device is still open)

8. On you display will appear some choices, you have to use the d-pad on the keyboard and select the “” file.

9. The installation process will begin immediately and will take just a few minutes.

10. After the installation, select the first option on the screen and restart you  device-( NOT Factory Restore)

11. You don`t have to worry if the “Droid eye” will stay on for about 90 second, because this it`s the procedure.

12. Once the Home Screen loads, everything will be intact, including programs and settings.

13. Good luck.

Manual Android 2.0.1 Droid update

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