How To Manage Startup Applications With A Free Disable Startup Download


If you are one of those computer users that are always installing new software (like me), you might have noticed that the vast majority of the new software you install has a passion for including itself in your startup list. While this can be very useful for some applications, depending on how much you use them, chances are that you need only about 20-30% of your current startup applications. They just seem to gather in your startup tray each time Windows loads, and yes, this is bad as each application in your startup list uses your computer resources.

One way to avoid having too many applications in the startup list that you don’t need (thus improving the overall performance of your computer) is to install a free application called Disable Startup. Its basic functionality is not that different from what the Windows System Configuration Utility has to offer, but the cool thing is that Disable Startup will detect when a new application wants to be added to the startup list and will ask you for permission.

Your Startup List Watchdog !

So, if you want to keep a close eye on the applications that load automatically each time Windows loads, click here to download Disable Startup for free. Especially recommended for non-experienced users.

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