How To Delay Your WordPress RSS Feed. Catch Errors Before They Reach The RSS Readers


If you write a blog, it’s only natural that you both love and respect your RSS subscribers. But there are times when you publish a post just before you find out that you made an error that you don’t want your RSS subscribers to see. Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, once you hit that pesky little “Publish” button in WordPress, there is no chance you can make up for the mistake before RSS readers pick up the post. Thankfully, the guys from found a way to solve this problem, or at least partially.

What these guys teach you how to do is to publish the RSS feed (aka picked up by RSS readers) with a 5 minutes delay (variable). This means that when you publish a new post, you have 5 minutes before the RSS reader will pick it up, giving you enough time to spot any mistakes (even though it is recommended that you check for errors before you actually push that “Publish” button).

Click here to learn how to delay your WordPress RSS feed by 5 minutes.

Delay The RSS Feed So You Can Correct Errors Before They Reach Your Subscribers

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