How To Download Open Source Web Apps Using The Microsoft Web Platform Installer


If you are in need of finding Web applications, the Microsoft Web Platform Installer is your centralized source of finding new software components, downloading the ones you don’t have or and installing the components you need.

The Microsoft Web Platform makes it very easy to discover what are software components missing from your developments software suite, with detailed information about each and every one of those components, so you can decide weather you could use a certain component or not. And the best news is that all these components are open source.

Basically, The Microsoft Web Platform gives you quick access to almost any web development applications you need, with new additions and updates made daily.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Just so you have a broad idea of what Web applications you can download and manage with the Microsoft Web Platform, here are just some of them: IIS7, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008, Microsoft .NET Framework, WordPress and a lot more.

Click Here to go to the official Microsoft Web Platform webpage so you can learn more about it.

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