How To Fix Daemon Tools Problems In Windows 7


Some users are experiencing problems with Daemon Tools on Windows 7. Most users will have problems using it, or even get a Daemon Tools Initialization Error at startup. In this article we will talk about working your way around the problem.

First of all, what you should do is uninstall Daemon Tools using the Add/Remove Programs functions in Windows 7. If that does not work, try entering Windows 7 in safe mode and then trying to uninstall Daemon Tools.

Here is where you will find yourself facing multiple options: you can try to install the newest version of Daemon Tools, but there is a big chance that that won’t work either, you can install the 3.17 version of Daemon Tools that works great but it cannot handle ISO images of large files (nothing above 5GB) or you can try to install another virtual drive emulation software.

One Of The Most Commonly Encountered Error When Using Daemon Tools With Windows 7

Your first option should be installing the newest Daemon Tools version, even though there are chances it won’t work. Click here to download Daemon Tools Lite 4.35.5 for free. If you get the same error, uninstall it.

Here is where you have to decide if you want a previous version of Daemon Tools that can’t work with big ISO images, but still get the functions you love in Daemon Tools. The version I am talking about is the 3.17 version and is available for free here.

The last alternative is getting another software for mounting virtual drives. One of the products I would recommend that you try is Virtual ISO. Click here to download Virtual ISO for free. It’s in many ways similar to Daemon Tools and you shouldn’t have any problems installing and using it.

Hope this article was useful. Make sure to visit our How To section for any other problems you may have with your computer.

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