How To Download Google Maps With A Free Google Map Saver Download


Don’t you just love Google Maps? I know I do! The only thing that’s kind of difficult is saving the map so I can use it offline, which can be very useful in a high number of situations.Thankfully, the free application we will talk about in this article, called Google Map Saver facilitates this.

(Excuse the side note, and I probably mentioned this in my previous articles, but what’s with the names ? Is the general user that dumb that he has to know what the application does by reading the title or do the developers have too little imagination? What’s next, the “jCar” ?).

Ok, now that I’m back, let’s talk about the Google Map Saver ( ). Well this otherwise very useful application helps you download Google maps in the JPEG, PNG-8/24, BMB and Targa file formats so you can use them for whatever purposes you want.

How To Download Google Maps With A Free Google Map Saver Download

Like mentioned before, the Google Map Saver is completley free and that does not hurt either, but it is also easy to use: open the app, enter the location, select the map type and press the GO button.

You can also choose from a wide range of resolutions (Window Size, QVGA – 320×240, VGA-640×480, iPhone-320×480, PAL-768×576, NTSC-720×480, SVGA-800×600, XGA-1024×768, WXGA-1024×600, WXGA-1280×800, HD720-1280×720, HD1080-1920×1080).

There is one trick to this application: a watermark is shown over the map when you save it. This watermark can be removed by clicking the globe in the top right side of the screen, reading the terms and conditions and clicking I agree. There you are, the watermark won’t appear in the maps you will save from now on.

Let’s see… it’s free and it’s very useful and provides a large number map resolutions and a decent number of file formats. What’s next ? Well, it does not require an installation and it takes up only 366KB of your hard drive space. Just download the file from the link here, run it and you are set to go. Google Map Saver 1.0.1 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows XP and Windows 7.

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