How To Remove / Uninstall Volcano Security Suite Virus (Removal Guide)


If your computer got infected with the new Volcano Security Suite program, this article will provide a quick removal guide for this rogue anti-spyware, as well as extensive information regarding what Volcano Security Suite is, how it got on your computer and what it does.

The first thing you should know is that Volcano Security Suite is a fake security software that will try to trick you into thinking that your computer is infected so you buy the program to remove those infections. Do not buy Volcano Security Suite as it is a rogue anti-spyware, but in general terms you can call it a scam.

Volcano Security Suite gets on your computer via fake scanner pages on the web that fake a scan of your computer. Conveniently enough, when this fake scan is over, the scanner will report that you have to download Volcano Security Suite to protect your computer from these security threats.

Once downloaded, Volcano Security Suite will then automatically start when Windows loads and it will also create a number of harmless files. When Volcano Security Suite scans your computer, it will detect these harmless files as infections and prompt you to buy the full version so you can remove them. Do not believe these warnings as these files are harmless.

The files that the Volcano Security Suite virus will detect as infections are:


Volcano Security Suite will also block any anti-virus program that you may currently have installed on your computer. In addition, it will hijack you Internet Explorer and will display a large number of fake security warning on your desktop. Do not believe any of these warnings. As we mentioned before, Volcano Security Suite is a scam and probably the only security problem you have is the Volcano Security Suite itself.

Here is how to remove Volcano Security Suite from your computer using the free Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware program. Note that during the process you will be needed to close all open windows, so it’s probably a good idea to print out these instructions first.

Step 1. This link will take you to our download page, where you will be able to download the Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware for free.

Step 2. Save the file on your desktop.

Step 3. Close all windows and applications (the ones in the system tray too).

Step 4. Run the mbam-setup.exe installer on your desktop (you should be at the desktop if you closed all applications).

Step 5. Proceed with the installer by selecting the defaul settings. In addition, make sure to tick both boxes at the end of the installing process (thus telling MBAM to automatically update and then launch istelf).

Step 6. Selec the “Perform quick scan option” from the scanner tab. Then click “Scan”. The scan should take a while so don’t worry if it seems it takes too long.

Step 7. When the scan is over, while back at the main scanner tab, slick “Show Results”.

Step 8. Check all the infections that MBAM found on your computer and then hit the “Remove Selected” button.

Step 9. Let Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware do its job. A restart may be required. If so, please allow it.

When the infection removal process is complete, you will have removed the Volcano Security Suite virus and all related files.

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