How TO:Show or Hide the Menu Bar in Firefox the Easy Way


I know that the Menu Bar in Firefox it`s a very useful app, but i`m sure that there are times when you really want it hidden for the rest of the time. So your friend in this matter is The Hide Menubar extension, which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


This image shows you an ordinary browser with the “Menu Bar” showing full-time. Pretty nice, but what if we could have an on/off switch for the “Menu Bar”?



You don`t have to worry about the installation of the extension, because it is a very easy and fast procedure. After the installation, as soon as you restart Firefox your “Menu Bar” will already be hidden as shown below.

I`m sure you are wondering what do you have to do when you need that occasional access to the “Menu Bar”. It`s very easy, just hit the left or right “Alt Key” and the Menu Bar will pop up. Another way to hide the Menu Bar is to click inside the webpage or outside of the browser itself. Nice and easy!



Download the Hide Menubar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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