How To:Upgrade From Windows Vista To Windows 7 Despite The Error At 62%


Well, it turned out that installation of Windows 7 has some problems, in case you are choosing to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. It seems that the setup installation process of Windows 7 is stopping and holding at 62% indefinitely. Then you can try everything you like to unstuck the install Windows wizard, even restarting the Windows 7 upgrading process, you won`t be able to change anything.

This is the error message which is repeated every 15 minutes:

“<TimeStamp> Warning [0x080b50] MIG AsyncCallback_ApplyStatus: Progress appears to be stuck. Current progress: 62”

We did some research and found out that the cause of the problem is the iphlpsvc service which is closing during the upgrade.

So, if you are facing with the exact problem as above and still want to get Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7 you should try the following workaround:

  1. First you must reboot your computer and then the setup will automatically rollback the system to Windows Vista.

  2. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then Properties button.

  3. Open the Advanced System Settings tab, then click Environment Variables.

  4. 4. Under System Variables, click New, and then press OK.

  5. In the Variable name field you must type: MIG_UPGRADE_IGNORE_PLUGINS

  6. In the Variable value field you must type: IphlpsvcMigPlugin.dll

  7. And finally restart Windows 7 Setup.


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