How To Get A Free Upgrade To Windows 7 If You Recently Bought Windows Vista Or A Vista-Based Computer


If bought a Windows Vista-based computer anytime between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010 or you bought a Windows Vista Home Premium/Business/Ultimate in that timeframe, you might be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Here is how this works:

Windows Vista Home Premium will be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium for free.

Windows Vista Business will be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional for free.

Windows Vista Ultimate will be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate for free.

This offer is not available for Windows XP users. If you have Windows XP, or if you bought your computer/Windows Vista license before June 26, the only way to upgrade to Windows 7 is by buying an upgrade version of the newest OS from Microsoft.

Now that we figured who is eligible for this free upgrade, let’s see how to get Windows 7 for free:

If bought the retail package, visit (non-US users visit to get the Windows 7 Upgrade for free. Please note that you will have to prove you have a legitimate version of Windows Vista.

If your Windows Vista came pre-installed on your computer, you should visit the official site of your computer vendor or manufacturer. While some of them will have their own link for getting the Windows 7 upgrade for free, some might redirect you to the page.

Follow these links to get the free Windows 7 upgrade kit. Some users may get the Full Product Package (FPP), while other users might get the Upgrade product license, depending on your vendor/manufacturer and license. Those of you that got the Windows 7 Upgrade License, might be interested in how to install Windows 7 Upgrade version on an empty hard drive (a clean install).In addition, the timeframes vary for some vendors/manufacturers.

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