How To Create A Windows 7 ISO Image File From The Windows Installer, and


Earlier today, we talked about where to download Windows 7 using the ESD system. Now that you got the installer, the and the files on your computer, you might want to create an ISO image. This becomes very useful when trying to perform a clean installation of Windows 7 Upgrade version, as shown here.

You can also download the Windows 7 ISO image directly, but if you don’t feel like downloading any more Gigabytes, you can make an ISO image from the, and the installer.

How To Create An ISO Image From The Windows Installer, and

Here is how to create an ISO image from the installer, and files:

1.Place all 3 files (the installer, the and in the same folder. Let’s say it’s C:MyISO

2.Select all the 3 files, right-click, go to properties and press the “Unblock” button.

3.While logged on your administrator account, run the installer. This will extract all the files from the files on a new, expandedSetup directory. Exit the Installer.

4.Click here to download the Oscdimg CD/DVD Premastering Utility. Place the file in C:WindowsSystem32.

5.Log in as administrator, go to Start->Run and type in “Cmd”. Press enter. An elevated command prompt should now appear.

6.Type in “oscdimg.exe – –u2 –h -m -lWIN_EN_DVD C:MyISOexpandedSetup C:Win7.iso”

7.Now go to C: and you will find the Windows 7 ISO image file (it’s in UDF format).

8.If you want to, you can burn that image to a disk using a DVD burning software such as Ahead Nero, Ashampoo, Alcohol 120%, etc.

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