How To Create And Share A Map For Free Using Google Maps


Sharing a Google map with your collaborators can be very useful in a lot of moments. While these moments are yours to figure out, this article will provide an extensive tutorial on how to create and share a Google map so you and your colleagues can work on it together.

Of course, for this, you will need a Google Maps account. Once you created one, follow these steps to create a new map that you can share.

1.Go to your Google Maps account, click “My Maps” and then “Get Started”.

2.Now you can enter the map’s title and description. This is also the place where you decide weather your map should be public (that means it will show up in search results) or private (people need the link to view it).

3.The next window will allow you to invite collaborators. Here you should enter the email addresses of the people that you want to work along with on the map. A mail will be sent to the collaborators that contains the link of your map so they can get started right away.

4.When want to place a marker on the map, select the coordinates and then place the marker. Enter the title and description and press OK.

5.Once the process is complete, you will be able to send the map using the small “send” button on the upper right side of the map.

6.If you want the embedded code for the map, hit the “Link” button.

Now you and your collaborators have successfully created a map using Google Maps.

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