How To Protect Private Files With The Free Secret Disk Application


Nobody likes it when people get access files that are private. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to protect your private files so they can’t be accessedby anyone else but authorized users.

Today we will talk about how to protect private files using the free Secret Disk application. This free and very helpful application will enable the creation of a virtual partition on your system. The virtual partition and all the files it contains cannot be seen when the partition is locked. To unlock it, users have to enter the password that you have set.

Another cool thing about Secret Disk is that it will automatically lock the virtual partition when you are inactive on your computer for a while. To quickly lock the partition, you can also press the F8 button.

How To Protect Private Files With The Free Secret Disk Application

Secret Disk is free to download and very efficient in protecting private files on your computer. Click here to download it for free (it is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista).

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