How To Improve Firefox Stability By Updating Firefox Plugins


Firefox users really love their plugins. If you are part of these category, you might want to know that you can seriously improve the stability of your browser by always checking for updates for the extension you installed. In fact, David Tenser from Mozilla stated that around %30 percent of the total number of Firefox crashes are caused by old plugins.

In addition, new plugin versions often bring new features or at least improvements to those already there. So it’s a win-win situation.

To make updating your plugins easier for you, is now hosting a web page (click here to open it) that automatically detects all the extensions you have installed on your browser and also checks to see if they are updated.

An updated plugin receives a thumbs-up icon,a plugin that can be updated has a button that updates it. There are some plugins that cannot be checked by this page, but, in this case, there will be a “Research” button next to their name. When pressed, this button will perform a query on Google for the plugin. You can then go to the official developer page for that extension so you can manually update it if possible.

We salute this initiative from Mozilla and hope this will improve the stability of the Firefox browser (not that it’s not already very stable, but there is always room for improvements).

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