How To Make Google Docs A Distraction-Free Writing Tool


If you want spend some time writing your newest book, blog, letter, etc, it’s a good idea to write efficiently, considering you are spending that time anyway.

One way to get rid of all the distractions on your computer is to close all the applications and just leave the text editor open. Frankly, it’s just too much trouble to close all my applications and then open them when I finish writing or need them.

Another, more efficient way is getting a distraction-free writing tool. The existing options are few. One notable option is the Write Room, originally developed for Macs, and then transposed to Windows under the “Dark Room” name.

Now there is a way to get a lot of the simplicity and design of the Dark Room and Write Room applications when writing a document using Google Docs. In fact, there are two ways: an automated one and a manual one.

The automated way of transforming Google Docs into a distraction-free writing tool:

1. Click here and select “Use this Template” at the new page.
2. Open a new document and go to Wiew->Hide Controls.
3. Go into full-screen mode on your browser (Hit the F11 if you are using Mozilla Firefox).

There you go. Now you can see only the text, and also get a cool “terminal-like” look to it.

The manual way of eliminating distractions when writing with Google Docs.

1. Go to your Google Docs homepage and create a new document.
2. Go to Edit->Edit CSS.
3. In the CSS Box, paste this code :
font: 16px “Courier New”;
color: #00ff00 !important;
background: #000 !important;
width: 800px;
margin: 10px auto;
4. Go to Wiew->Hide Controls (or Ctrl-Shift-F) and set your browser in full screen mode (F11 for Mozilla Firefox).

In addition, if you want to change the background color, all you have to to is enter a hexadecimal value that corresponds to the color you want on your Google Docs Background. Feel free to play with the text spacing and other such options to get the look you want.

Happy Writing everyone.

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