How To Download FaceBook Albums With FreePAD Firefox Extension


If you are looking for a way to download facebooks albums that you like in a quick and easy way, without having to go through each photo and saving it on your computer, there is a Firefox plug-in out there that is basically all you need for this task.

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How To Download FaceBook Albums With FreePAD Firefox Extension

The Firefox plugin, called FreePAD or Facebook Photo Album Downloader (the latter not being the most twitter-friendly name) will enable you a complete facebook photo album downloads in a matter of a few seconds and several clicks. Click here to download FreePAD for free, then go to Tools->Add-Ons menu in Firefox and set the Preferences for FacePAD. All you have to do from there is go to an album you want do download it, right click it and then select “Download Album with FacePAD” from the menu.

This is it, simple and efficient, just how you guys like it.

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