How To Remove / Uninstall SoftCop Virus (Removal Guide)


If your computer got infected with the new SoftCop Virus, here is a way to remove it. Want to know how this malware got on your computer, what it does and how to remove it? Read on to find out.

SoftCop is not actually a virus as it is more a rogue-antivirus. That means SoftCop pretends it is an anti-virus program that detected infections on your computer and that you need to buy the program to remove them. However, these reports are fake as SoftCop is a malware itself. It just tries to trick you so that you give them your money. Do not buy SoftCop! If you already did, try contacting your credit card company for disputing the charges.

SoftCop can be downloaded by a number of sites that promote it as an anti-virus program. It also can get on your computer by masking Trojans as a Flash update that you need for online video viewing. The Trojans will then download the rest of the files and SoftCop will be autmatically set up to start next time you load the Windows Operating System. Then it will begin with the tricks we talked about earlier: fake scan reports that pretend to find infections on your computer that cannot be removed until you buy this fake software, fake Windows Security Center windows that advise you should buy SoftCop to protect your computer and a whole series of fake security messages and warnings.

How To Remove / Uninstall SoftCop Virus (Removal Guide)

What you should do is ignore all the warnings that SoftCop gives you and remove it from your computer.

Here is how to remove/uninstall SoftCop virus from your computer using the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware free program (MBAM).

Note: you may want to print out the instructions as we will require that you close all open windows and applications at some point in the process.

1. Click here to go to our download page and download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for free.

2. Save the file called “mbam-setup.exe” on your desktop but don’t run it now.

3. Close all open windows and applications (this one too).

4. Run the mbam-setup.exe file that you downloaded earlier on your desktop.

5. Go through the installation process by following the instructions the wizard gives you. If you are not an experienced user, do not change the default settings.

6. Make sure that at the end of the installation you tell the program to automatically update itself and then launch when the install is finished (there will be boxes you need to check for each of these things).

7. When MBAM loads, go to the Scanner tab, select “Perform Quick Scan” and click Scan. Now wait for the program to scan your computer for malware.

8. When the scan is complete, go to the main Scanner tab and click “Show Results”.

9. Now MBAM will display all the malware it found on your desktop. Check all the results and click “Remove Selected”.

10. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware will now remove the malware it found. The program may require that you restart your computer at some point.

11. When the removal process is finished, a log will be displayed in Notepad. Close this.

Now you should have removed SoftCop and any related files from your computer. If you want to find out how to remove other viruses from your system (Cyber Security, Windows Defender, Cyber Tool, etc), click here to view all the articles from our “Malware Removal Tips” section.

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