Upgrade Windows Vista to DirectX 11


The final version of DirectX 11 has been available since the end of August 2009. The trick is knowing how to get it installed on Vista. However, it appears that Microsoft is determined to make upgrading Vista to DirectX 11 as difficult as possible.

Microsoft is updating Windows Vista to use some of the features built into Windows 7. Officially, the update is meant to become available as part of Service Pack 3 for Windows Vista. If you don’t want to wait and would like to enjoy the new features now, you can unlock a special feature in Windows Update using this script. It allows the operating system to download the appropriate components automatically through Microsoft’s Windows Update.

Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista is required for this update.

You can download the registry script enabling the Microsoft Platform Update with DirectX 11 for Windows Vista here. From the landing page, click the Download link. From there, click Download-Server Nr.1 to start the download.)

Launching the script with administrator’s rights opens the command line. You should now see the following message: “Platform Update for Windows Vista registry key has been set successfully.” This means that the appropriate entries have been added to the Windows registry. What exactly do these entries do? They unhide DirectX 11 for Windows Vista.

Windows Vista DirectX 11 installer

Microsoft has already uploaded the DirectX 11 update to the official Windows Update Server; it just remains hidden for now. The registry entries in this script activate a so-called beta download. Contrary to what the name may imply, this doesn’t mean that you are about to download a beta version of DirectX 11.

You should now see a package called “Platform Update for Windows Vista.” Check the box next to this package to select it as a download. If you’ve already downloaded an update from Microsoft on the same day, you’ll need to tell Windows Update to check for new packages manually by clicking “Check for Updates” on the previous screen.

Windows Update is installing the Platform Update for Windows Vista (KB971644), including DirectX 11. Once it is done, a reboot is required.

At the end of this, after the reboot just type dxdiag in the run command field and the result will be :

At the end of the procedure type dxdiag on run command field and this is the result

Via TOM’s Hardware.com

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