How To Create A Vritual Machine Of Your Existing Computer Using Disk2VHD


This article will explain what virtualization means and how you can use multiple operating systems on your computer using the virtualization method.

There are reasons why you may want to install multiple operating systems on your computer. There are some applications already out there that can help you create virtual machines, but there are considerably hard to use and the whole process needs to be started from scratch: install the operating system and then each application on the virtual machine. It takes time and it’s difficult to do. And we don’t like neither difficult nor time-consuming.

An alternative is creating a virtual machine of your existing computer. Again, some applications can do this, but they are quite expensive and while it is not as time-consuming as the first method, it is very a difficult thing to accomplish. And we don’t like difficult.

How To Create A Vritual Machine Of Your Existing Computer Using Disk2VHD

The solution comes from Microsoft Sysinternals. Weather you are a Microsoft fan or not, you can’t not love the Disk2vhd: it easy to use and will create a virtualized hard drive (vhd) that you can migrate your computer to in a few simple steps.

Here is how to create a virtualized machine of your existing computer using the Disk2VHD application (click here to download it if you don’t have it yet).

1. Run Disk2VHD (it does not require an installation).

2. A list of the drives that you can make a VHD file from appears. Select the drive you want to virtualize.

3. After the Virtual Hard Disk is created, you can run it in any free desktop virtualization program (such as Windows Virtual PC, VMware Player, Virtual Box) to access your virtual machine.

As you can see, Disk2VHD is as simple of an application for a complex and rewarding task.

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