How to insert thumbnails in the contextual menu – Windows XP/VISTA


Do you prefer to use the list view of the details view of the files and folder in Windows Explorer instead of the title view? Still you want to have a cozy alternative to view the images from a folder?

The free application FirmTools ShellExtenstion, offers the optimal solution in this case.

Shell Extension extends the contextual menu with a preview of the image files.

This application enables you a thumbnail preview of a picture in the contextual menu.

Install this tool and it will add three new options to your menu when you right click on a picture file: convert, print, and thumbnail preview.

To download the application, go to and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

You will be redirected to another site, were you will have to click again Download Now.

Start shext.exe in order to install the program and follow the instructions on the screen.

The tool is available for use immediately after installation. ShellExtension extends the contextual menu with two new options/commands and a thumbnail, for all types of graphic files.

ShellExtension - Thumbnail Option

Right click on a picture or image to view a thumbnail of the file.

Even more, the convert to command of the same menu is really impressing due to its functionality.

In this way you can convert simultaneously any usual graphic file.

In the selected dialog box that is now displayed, select the file format you want to convert to, and then click save.

You will have after this process a new file in the desired format. An advanced conversion is not available here, however.

You can still configure some settings. Go to Start | All Programs | FirmTools | Shell Extension | Configure Shell Extension, even if is not really necessary.

The thumbnail option is particularly handy when you are in a file open dialog of the program that lacks the image preview functionality. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the image in the default program.

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