jStrip – Delete sensitive personal data from an image file


Each time we send an image attached to an e-mail or we upload one on the internet, we need to ensure that our personal data & files are not going away in the same time with it.

jStrip is a small application that quickly erases the information from the EXIF data’s associated with each image.

  If you posses an application which can edit images, you can determine the quantity of personal information that is included in it. Despite this, the process has a great difficulty and is a time consumer.

This is where jStrip comes in. Is a free application that can be downloaded from http://davidcrowell.com/jstrip .

This program may be used to delete all personal information in image files.

Extract the content of the archive that you downloaded from http://davidcrowell.com/jstrip and then start the installation process by clicking setup.exe.

After installation, run the program and the open the configuration window (File | Options ).

In the General Tab you are allowed to activate the option Clear read-only bit  which suppresses write protection, if any.

jStrip Settings - General Tab check the Clear read-only bit option

In File Selection Tab , check Select files (classic interface). This enables you to choose the files later.

The settings for the information that must be eliminated from an image are located in the Jpeg Tab.

By using the default settings of the application, jStrip also deletes the ICC color profiles and the information that is added when a program like Photoshop was used to edit an image.

Confirm all the changes with a click on the OK button.

Now select from the tree structure the folder that contains the images and click Start to clean the files.

jStrip - Log - This mean that the job has successfully ended

A direct effect to the files is that their dimension will be significantly decreased.

As an advice, make sure that you work with copies of the images, because the application overwrites the new files to the old ones and in this way there might be a possibility to lose some important data. If you want to edit the picture once again or you want to put them back on a camera, it would be better to remove the specified information.

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