How To Import Emails Into Your New Gmail, Live Mail Or Yahoo Mail Account


If you want to change your email account without losing any of your mails, this article will provide all the necessary information for moving the mail from and to Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Hotmail.

There are situations when you just want to dump an email account and move to another one. While you might want to keep your email provider and just create a new account, most people turn to other providers in search for a better experience. Fortunately, there are many services out there that specialize in moving mails from one account to another, and most of them are free.

How to Move Mails To Windows Live Hotmail

If you want to move all your mails to your Windows Live Hotmail account, a service called TrueSwitch provides quick and easy transfers from AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and several other providers. In addition, you can also use TrueSwitch to move your mails from another Hotmail account.

How To Import Emails Into Your New Gmail, Live Mail Or Yahoo Mail Account

How To Move Mails To Yahoo Mail

Just like for moving mails to Windows Live Hotmail, TrueSwitch is still one of the best services. We recommend that you use it to move mails from your Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Juno,etc accounts to your Yahoo Mail Account. If you want to move mails from one Yahoo Mail account to another, True Switch can help you without needing to upgrade to Yahoo! Mail Plus.

How To Move Mails To Gmail

If you want to move your emails to the Gmail account, you can use the Mail Fetcher feature that will allow you to import emails from 5 POP-supporting email accounts. This means that you can easily import Hotmail and AOL messages, but not the ones stored in your Yahoo Mail account since it does not support POP or IMAP.

An upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus will enable POP support on your mail account, but there is an alternative: use TrueSwitch to move your emails to Windows Live Hotmail, and then import them using the Mail Fetcher in Gmail. Now you have imported your mails from Yahoo to Gmail.

Importing Mails From Your ISP Mail

If your mail is handled by a popular ISP such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and others, TrueSwtich is the fastest way to import mails from those accounts.

If your ISP is not on the supported list for TrueSwtich, and you don’t know how to configure POP3 or IMAP support, the alternative is Yippie Move. This application can move mails between an impressive numbers of email providers. The downside is that it costs $15 per email account, which is a lot.

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