How To Remove / Uninstall Tre Antivirus Malware / Virus (Removal Guide)


Tre AntiVirus is a rogue anti-virus (a scam) that will try to make you believe your computer is infected so you buy the program to remove these fake infections. Read on as we will tell you more about Tre Antivirus: what is is, what it does, how it gets on your computer and how to remove Tre Antivirus from your computer.

Tre Antivirus may have a different interface compared to the other similar rogue anti-virus programs we talked about, but it works in the same manner. Tre Antivirus will get on your computer by masking itself as a flash update and then installing the files automatically. It will start up when Windows loads and will start a fake scan of your computer for viruses. It will detect a number of harmless files (in C:Windows and C:WindowsSystem32) that it created itself. Tre Antivirus will then tell you that you have to buy the program to remove these fake viruses. Do not buy Tre Antivirus! It is a scam.

How To Remove / Uninstall Tre Antivirus Malware / Virus (Removal Guide)

There other ways that Tre Antivirus will try to convince you that your computer has security problems such as security warnings that state malware has been detected and a fake Windows Security Center that recommends you buy Tre Antivirus to protect your computer. These are just methods of tricking you so pay no attention to them.

Here is how to remove Tre Antivirus using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (MBAM):

1. Go to our download page and download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. Save the setup file on your desktop.

2. Close all windows and applications (this one included).

3. Start the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware setup by double clicking the mbam-setup.exe file on your desktop.

4. Proceed through the installation without changing anything. Make sure that, at the end, you tell the software to update and automatically launch itself.

5. Perform a quick scan from the Scanner tab.

6. Wait for MBAM to finish scanning your computer for malware. Note that the program may find other infections aside from the Tre Antivirus.

7. When the scan is complete, go to the main scanner screen and click Show Results.

8. Now, select every infection and then click Remove Selected.

9. During the process, you might have to restart your computer to remove some malware. Don’t worry, MBAM will ask you to restart the computer itself if this is the case.

10. A log will be displayed in Notepad when the removal process is complete. Close this window.

Now you have removed Tre Antivirus and related files as well as other malware Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware found on your computer.

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