Make Money From Your Blog Using The Amazon Kindle Store


If you are blogger and want to earn more money from your writing, Amazon provides an interesting program that allows you to “sell” your blog posts (or any RSS feed for that matter) on the AmazonKindle store. This is available for all blogger, no matter what country you are from.

Unfortunately, you cannot set the price for your blog feeds, but with the price ranging from $.99 to $1.99 and the revenue percentage set at %30, you will earn from $.30 to $.60 per month for each subscriber. It is not very much, but if you can sell at least a few hundred subscriptions, you can consider this as a supplement for what you normally earn from your blog. And, how cool is it that people can read your blog on a Kindle ?

In addition, the process is much less complicated now. All you have to do is create a new account and add the RSS feed of your blog (click here to create an account now). Once you blog gets approved, you will upload a 800×600 screenshot and a 430×50 banner so possible subscribers can take a look at your blog before actually subscribing.

Once you complete these steps, you feeds will be delivered automatically so you have nothing to worry about anymore. Another cool thing is that you can preview how your blog looks on a Kindle.

Payments are delivered monthly by Amazon via EFT for US citizens and via check for international users.

Make Money From Your Blog Using The Amazon Kindle Store

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