How To Open Bookmarks In New Tabs


One the uncoolest thing that can happen is when you are writing an e-mail or something important and want to open a bookmarked page. If you did not change the tab, your bookmark will open over your current tab and you risk losing any changes you made since the last autosave or the last time you manually saved your work.

While I don’t fully understand why the developers did not make bookmarks automatically open in a new page, there are ways you can make that happen.

There is more than just one method to make bookmarks open in new tabs. We will take you through some of them so you can choose the one that you like most.

The “Open In New Tab” Method (All Browsers)

The method most people use is to right click on the link (be it a bookmark or any other link) and then select “Open In A New Window” or “Open In New Tab”. This is the most noneffective way, as you will figure out throughout this article. This works in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari and basically any browser.

The Middle Button Method (All Browsers)

A feature that a lot of users don’t know about is that when you use the middle button (or press the scroll wheel) to open a bookmark, it will open in a new tab. This works for all the links you may find on a page and the feature is available in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

New Tab Extension (Firefox)

If you are using Firefox, there is an extension called “Open Bookmarks in New Tab” (again with the names). This application will automatically open bookmarks in a new tab when you click them. As this is a Firefox extension, it will not work with other browsers.

Click here to download the “Open Bookmarks in New Tab” Firefox extension for free.

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How To Open Bookmarks In New Tabs

There you go, now you have learned a few ways to open the bookmarks in new tabs. Use the one you feel most comfortably with an you will never have to redo your work because a bookmark opened over it.

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