How To Change Basic System Settings With Default Programs Editor


Making change to the Windows 7 system can be an annoying task for everyone: beginners to expert users. The thing is that you have to go in different places around the Control Panel for every small change you want to make.

Fortunately, there is a way to centralize all the basic settings: The Default Programs Editor (it seems that developers are just running out of inspiration and entitle their applications with their purpose- which can be a good thing).

This little guy does not require an install on your computer. Just unzip the executable file and place it somewhere you will remember. All you have to do is run it when you need it.

Let’s take a quick look on what you can do with Default Programs Editor: you can change the settings for a file type (the menu, the icons and the description, change the associated file types for an application or even delete and extension), you can change the Autoplay Settings (we know a lot of you love to turn this completely off) and you can remove or add default programs.

How To Change Basic System Settings With Default Programs Editor

If this seems confusing, we promise that the interface is very easy to use and will guide you throughout the process. Basically, every button does what it says it does (and it will say it ).

If you know you want to make such changes in your system settings from time to time and don’t want to have to surf the control panel for each small setting, the Default Programs Editor is just the application you need.

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