How To Open Images In New Tabs In Firefox


As part of our “Tune Your Firefox To The Max” series, in this article we will talk about a Firefox extension that will allow you to quickly open an image from a site in a new tab. Click here to read more articles from the “Tune Your Firefox To The Max” series.

If you are constantly browsing sites with a large number of pictures, this extension can really help you out. The only thing you have to do (and can do) after you downloaded and installed the extension is to choose weather or not you want the new tab to be focused on or opened in the background.

Afterward, to open an image in a new tab, right click on that image and select open in new tab from the menu. That’s all.

While is not such a big problem solver, this extension can prove itself quite useful if you are viewing a lot of images online.

Click here to download “Open Image In New Tab” Firefox extension.

How To Open Images In New Tabs In Firefox

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