Watch YouTube Movies In Cinema Mode Using YouTube Cinema Firefox Extension


Here is a treat for the YouTube and Firefox fans among you: if you are tired of being annoyed by all the extra things in YouTube’s page and just want to watch the movie: no comments, no “more videos” and basically nothing other than the movie itself, there is a Firefox add-on out there that can solve that for you.

Called YouTube Cinema, this Firefox extension will remove all the extra around the movie and leave just the flash clip for you to enjoy. Click here to read more articles from the “Tune Your Firefox To The Max” series.

YouTube Cinema comes with a few other options such as selecting the format of the movie (4:3 or 16:9) or setting the movies to automatically start playing when you enter the page.

Watch YouTube Movies In Cinema Mode Using YouTube Cinema Firefox Extension

Here is how to set up and use YouTube Cinema Firefox extension:

1. Click here to download YouTube Cinema for free.

2. Install the add-on and restart Firefox.

3. Go to a movie on YouTube and right click on the page. Select “Play in Cinema”.

4. Now all you will see is the menu without the extra crap around it.

5. Select the background color from the upper right corner.

6. Select the size of the video from the lower right corner.

7. Enjoy the movie.

If you are regularly checking out videos on YouTube and are using Firefox as your main browser, you should give YouTube cinema a try as it really improves the YouTube experience.

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