How To Get Google Reader RSS Feeds On Your Desktop Using ReadAir


If you enjoy reading the RSS feeds from Google Reader on a regular basis, you might be looking for an application that allows you to read the Google Reader RSS feed from the desktop.

ReadAir is such an application, and we will take a look on how to install and set it for optimal use.

ReadAir is based on Adobe Air, and is completely free to download and use. The look is similar to OS X applications, so Apple fans will feel quite familiar with it.

Here is a quick guide on how to install and use AdobeAir:

1. Click here to download ReadAir for free. Save the file to your desktop.

2. Run the installation file and click the Install button.

3. Choose if you want to place a shortcut for ReadAir on your desktop as well as if you want to run the application once the installation is finished.

4. Choose the folder where you want to install ReadAir. Click “Continue” and wait for ReadAir to be installed.

5. Once the ReadAir is installed, click OK when asked if you want to log in.

6. Enter your login information for Google Reader.

7. Now the Google Reader RSS feeds will start showing up in the main screen.

How To Get Google Reader RSS Feeds On Your Desktop Using ReadAir

8. Go to Prefferences and in the General tab you will be able to set the intervals that ReadAir checks for feed. Chose the interval you want.

9. In the “Appearance” tab, you will also be able to choose between the MacOS or Windows theme. This more a matter of taste, try them both and choose the one you like most.

10. Now you are done: you have all the Google Reader RSS feeds on your desktop in a compact yet efficient application.

P.S. Remember that you can always call up ReadAir from the system tray icon.

While ReadAir does not give you the option to share articles or comment on them, it has a great design and will provide quick access to the RSS feeds from your Google Reader account. If you are a Google Reader user, you should give this application a try. You may find it useful.

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