How To Set Up Multiple Panes In Mozilla Firefox


You might have noticed that when you browse the internet on a wide monitor, you hardly make good use of the monitor space.

And here is where the Split Browser extension for Firefox comes in and gives us a little help: with this extension you can configure Firefox to display two pages simultaneously so you make full use of the monitor space. But the extension can provide even more. Read on to find out how to configure the extension and how to tweak the settings for the best experience.

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First of all , you should download and install the extension (click here to get the Split Browser Firefox extension for free). Then, restart the browser and take a look at the extension options.

How To Set Up Multiple Panes In Mozilla Firefox

In the General tab, you will be able to tell the extension to focus on a pane if your mouse is over it (as well as how long the mouse has to be over a pane for this to happen). Other things you can set here is synchronous scrolling option which can provide very useful in some situations. The list of settings you can play with is quite impressive and tend to various aspects of the extension: the appearance, the menu, the way Split Browser combines the panes, and so on.

Just so you can navigate with greater ease, you can also add some toolbar buttons for Split Viewer. Chose the one that suits your browsing style best. You should also know that adjusting the size of a pane is done simply by using your mouse.

As a conclusion, we strongly recommend that, if you are using a wide monitor, you give Split Browser a try. Especially if you read a lot of articles online.

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