How To Deactivate UAC In Windows 7


Microsoft latest OS, Windows 7 comes with a feature called User Account Control that is designed to keep you and your computer secure in a way that previous Windows versions were unable. Although we seriously don’t recommend that you turn this feature off, there might be reasons for you to do so (for instance, your are using old software that you plan on updating, etc). This is why we will provide 2 ways of turning off the UAC in Windows 7.

The GUI interface way:

1. Go to the Control Panel search box, type in UAC and then hit enter.

2. In the “User Account Control Settings” window, drag the slider down to the bottom.

3. Read the warnings, and then click ok if you are sure about this.

If you want to turn the UAC back on, proceed with step 1 and then drag the slider to the level you want.

The Registry Hack way:

1. Click here to download the “ReallyDisableUAC-win7.reg”. Save the files to a place you will remember afterward. (Note that the pack you will be downloading contains a registry hack that will enable the UAC if you want to.).

2. Double click on ReallyDisableUAC-win7.reg.

3. Restart your computer and the settings will take effect.

If you want to turn UAC back on, double click the corresponding file from that you downloaded at step 1.

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