What Is The “Conhost.exe” Process In Windows 7


If you are wondering what is the “conhost.exe” process, what it does and weather it is normal to have it running on your computer or not, this article will provide the answer.

First of all, you should know that conhost.exe is a legitimate process and that it is not a virus. As long as the process is signed by Microsoft and runs in the system32 folder, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Conhost.exe is a process that Microsoft designed for Windows 7 so they can fix the way console windows are handled in the OS, as they’ve had problems with them in previous versions. In Windows XP, console windows did not use any part of the active windows theme, while in Windows Vista it used only some (the scrollbars were still not using the theme). In addition, Windows Vista does not allow you to drag and drop files in a console window.

In Windows 7, the conhost.exe process makes the entire console window is drawn correctly, and you also have the ability to enter a file path just by dragging and dropping the file over the console window. This is why should never end the “conhost.exe” process.

What Is The "Conhost.exe" Process In Windows 7

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