Firefox 2.x, 3.x. How to open DOCX in browser window.


MS WORD 2007 uses as the default format the .DOCX, which cannot be opened with any other old versions of MS OFFICE Suite or any other text editors.

The effect is that most people now are starting to use 2007 versions of MS Word.

Using the proper add-on, the talented Firefox is able to show the .DOCX format from Microsoft.

The .DOCX format is in fact an encapsulation of the .XML format. That’s why it can be converted to .HTML format, without a headache and can be directly displayed in your browser window.

You can download the add-on for free following this link: . Go to download section from the left corner of the window and after that click on the  from the new opened window. Now extract the content of the .zip archive into an empty folder and after that click onto the OpenXMLViwer.xpi using Firefox (right click on it and Open With >  Firefox).

In the windows browser you will be prompted to click Install Now and after that it will require an restart of Firefox. Confirm the action by pressing restart.

This add-on doesn’t have any options to be later on customized, so all you have to do is to click on the File menu and select the Open option. Navigate to the location of the .DOCX file and click Open.

You will be able to see it in .HTML format.

Mozilla Firefox

You will also be able to open .DOCX  files by using the contextual menu by right clicking on the .DOCX file and the open with Firefox.

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