How To Fix Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) on Windows Xp!


The Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) notification appears (on windows xp) when your computer didn’t pass the validation test.This thing can happen when you have a non genuine version of windows xp, you changed the installation serial with a serial generated by a soft or sometimes can happen with no explication.So you get 3 notifications : one on your login screen , one on your timer and the last one in an warning baloon .It dezactivates the updates from the Microsoft site and the posibility to install IE7 and Windows Media Player 11.
So if you have this problem here is the solution :
Go to:
1.C>Windows>System32 and rename these files : WgaLogon.dll si WgaTray.exe (ex:Wy.dll si Wz.exe).
2.C>Documents and Settings>All Users>Application Data>Windows Genuine Advantage and you delete this (Windows Genuine Advantage).
3.Restart your pc.
Good luck !

Windows Genuine Advantage

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