How To Enter The Windows Safe Mode For All Windows Versions


You might have read a number of guides that told you that you need to enter Windows Safe Mode or Safe Mode to do one thing ore another. If you don’t know what the Safe Mode is or what it does, this article will explain that to you and provide two methods of entering Safe Mode.

When you boot up your computer in Windows safe mode, the Windows OS will load only a minimum of software and basic drivers so you can run diagnostic tools or perform administrative tasks if you encounter a problem. Because only the basic drivers are loaded, you will be unable to use some features. In addition, your applications and desktop might look awkward because only a basic video driver will be loaded.

This method will work for all Windows versions.

To use this method, you should press the F8 key when Windows start loading. You have to time your actions immediately after the Windows loading screen is being shown or you will have to restart your computer and try again. The most efficient method is to begin tapping the F8 key after your computer presents the equipment you have installed.

For some computers, pressing the F8 key too often will take you to the Boot Menu. If this happens and are not sure what to do, try to select the hard drive (a good clue is the name of the drive: Maxtor for Maxtor hard drives, a long name that begins with WD for Western Digital hard drives and so on). If you select an option an get an error message, don’t panic as you have only told your computer to boot from a drive where no OS is installed. Just restart and wait for the equipment to be shown and start tapping F8.

If you got your timing right, you will be taken to a text menu. Use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode and press enter. This will load the Safe Mode. Do whatever tasks you need and restart your computer. If prompted, select the normal mode. Now Windows will load up as usual.

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