How To Deactivate Hibernation Mode In Windows XP And Vista/7


Unlike Windows XP, that allows you to turn off/on the hibernate mode in a quick and easy way (Go to Control Panel-> Power Options-> Hibernate), Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not offer this option, or at least not in a way that every user can quickly access it.

First of all, you should know what the hibernation mode is and who can benefit from it: the hibernation mode allows you to turn off your PC/laptop without having to reopen the applications that you had open when you went into hibernation mode. For instance, if you are working with multiple applications and don’t want to waste time loading them each time you turn of your system, going into hibernation mode will automatically restore the layout when you start the computer again.

It may sound like a very cool feature, but if you are not planning to use it, the only thing you get is several GB of used space on your hard drive.

Windows 7 users that want to deactivate this option can follow this series of steps:

1. Using your Administrator user, open the Command Prompt.

2. Type “powercfg h off” and press enter.

Now you have deactivated the hibernation mode. To get the disk space back, run a Disk Cleanup on the partition you have Windows 7 installed on and delete the Hibernation File Cleaner.

If you ever want to reactivate the hibernation mode, enter “powercfg h on” in the Command Prompt”.

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