How To Remove / Uninstall Windows Trust Fighter Virus (Removal Guide)


If your computer got infected with the Trust Fighter malware, here you fill find all the information you need about this scareware (scam, rogue) as well as a quick guide on how to remove it and all related files from your computer.

TrustFighter is yet another member of the Wini family of rogues that reaches and infects more and more computers each day. Thrust Fighter will reach you computer by using Trojans that face an Adobe Flash update. The flash is not updated, but instead this virus (it’s technically a virus but for many users it’s just the same) is installed on your computer and TrustFighter is set to automatically start when Windows loads and perform a fake scan of your computer.

When Trust Fighter is installed, it will also place a number of harmless files with random names on your hard drive (the C:Windows and C:WindowsSystem32 folders). When the fake scan that we mentioned above is complete, TrustSoldier will detect these files as infections on your computer and it will ask you to buy the program if you want to get rid of them. Do not buy TrustSoldier as it is a fake. If you did, contact your credit card company so you can dispute the charges.

In addition, TrustFighter will also display some fake warnings on your desktop that will tell you that malware has been detected on your computer or that your computer is under attack. Again, these are fake warnings. TrustFighter will also display a fake Windows Security Center window that will suggest you buy TrustFighter so you can protect your PC. The legitimate Windows Security Center will not recommend any security software.

Now that you found out what this Trojan is and what it does, here is a quick guide on how to remove TrustFighter from your system. Note: you should print out these instructions, as you will be needed to close all open windows at some point in the removal process.

1. Follow this link to our download section. Save the Malwarebytes’ Anti Malware (MBAM) setup to the desktop.

2. Now close all the open windows (this one included) and double click on the “mbam-setup.exe” to begin installing MBAM on your computer.

3. Make sure you follow the instructions given by the wizard. It is recommended that you keep the default settings. When the download is finished, make sure that you tell the program to automatically update and launch itself.

4. When the program loads, you will be warned that you should update MBAM before scanning. As the program will update itself after the install process is finished, ignore that warning.

5. Go to the scanner tab and perform a quick scan by selecting the… “Perform quick scan” option before clicking the scan button. Wait a while for the scan to complete. Click OK at the dialog box when the scan is finished.

6. When taken back at Scanner screen, press the “Show Results” button.

7. Make sure you select all detected infections and press the “Remove Selected” button. Note that the program might require that you reboot your computer to fully remove all the infections. When prompted, allow it to restart your computer.

8. A log of the scan process will be displayed when the removal process is completed. Close that log.

Now you should have removed Trust Fighter and all related files from your computer.

This article is part of our “Malware Removal Tips” series of articles. Click here for more articles.

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