How To Remove / Uninstall Cyber Security Virus (Removal Guide)


Cyber Security is a virus promoted both via malware and fake anti-malware scanners that you find online. It is basically a scareware program, being very much like Security Tool, Green AV Antivirus 2009 and Windows Police Pro in the way it operates. If you are having problem with either one of these viruses, click their names to find out how to remove them.

When Cyber Security is downloaded via a Trojan, it will install itself on your system without any authorization and without asking for your permission. You can also be tricked into downloading Cyber Security by a pop-up that will warn you that your computer is infected. That pop-up advices you to download and install the Cyber Security so your computer will be protected. If you download it, the program will automatically started with the next Windows boot and will perform a scan of the system.

After Cyber Security completes the scan, it will advise you to purchase the program so it can remove the infections it detected. The program is a scam, and you will lose your money as well as your personal info to the hacker. DO NOT PURCHASE Cyber Security.

Another thing Cyber Security does is install a Helper Object in your Internet Explorer that will redirect you when browsing to an “about:blank” page that will have a “this website has been reported to be unsafe” message. The message will also suggest that you update the software you use for web protection. If you click that link, you will be redirected to a page where you are advised to buy Cyber Security. Again, this is a fraud.

Cyber Security will constantly bombard you with pop-ups that state you have a lot of infected files on your computer and that your computer may be at risk and so on. Another thing it will do is display a fake Windows Security Center Windows that will suggest the purchase of Cyber Security so you can make sure your computer is safe. In addition, Cyber Security will also install a screen saver on your computer that will impersonate a Windows crash, error screen and reboot. You should rest easy as it is only a screen saver and nothing bad is actually done to your computer.

You should not believe anything that Cyber Security tells you as this is a fake. The only problem with your computer is that you should remove Cyber Security itself. Do not purchase Cyber Security. If you already did, contact your credit card company.

Here is a quick guide on how to remove Cyber Security using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

1. It is a good idea to print this list as you will need to close all open windows later in the process.

2. Before removing Cyber Security, you need to end the process. Download the file here to your desktop and double click on it to end any Cyber Security related process. You have to do it this way because the Windows Task Explorer will be disabled by the rogue.

3. As the method from step 2 might not work all the time, you should also use a Microsoft software, the Process Explorer. Click here to download the Process Explorer and save the file to your desktop.

4. Go to your desktop and rename “Procexp.exe” to “iexpore.exe” by right-clicking on “Precexp.exe” and then pressing “Rename”. Run the program.

5. From the Processes list on the left side of the window, find a “tsc.exe”, select it and then press the red X button from the icons in the upper part of the window. You should also look for processes that contain random characters and numbers in their name. In addition, you should also look for any process with a shield or a padlock icon. Terminate every process that matches the description. If you did not find “tsc.exe” nor other processes like the one we described, skip ahead.

6. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from the link here. Download it, close all open windows and then double click the setup file (“mbam-setup.exe”) to start the installation.

7. Follow the instruction given by the wizard and do not change any default setting. When the installation is finished, leave checked the “Update Malwarebytes” and “Launch Malwarebytes’s Anti Malware” boxes and click the Finnish button.

8. When the software prompts that an update is recommended before scanning, press OK and wait for the update to be complete.

9. Go to the scanner tab and select “Perform Quick Scan” and then click on Scan.

10. Wait for the scan to complete (it may take a while). When taken back to the Scanner menu, click on “Show Results”.

11. A list of all the malware that the software found on your computer will be displayed. Select them all and press “Remove Selected”. The removal process might require that you restart the computer. If prompted, allow Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to restart your computer.

12. When the removal process is completed, a scan log will be displayed in Notepad. Close the Notepad and exit MBAM.

That is it, you now have completely removed Cyber Security from your computer.

This article is part of our “Malware Removal Tips” series of articles. Click here for more articles.

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