How To Burn Images In Windows 7 Using The Windows Disk Image Burner


One of the many cool features that are present in Windows 7 is that you no longer need a specialized CD/DVD burning application to get burn ISO files.

Windows Disc Image Burner is a Windows 7 application that will help you write any ISO file (be it game, software, etc) on a CD or DVD.

Here is a quick guide on how to burn image files using Windows Disc Image Burner.

  1. First of all, make sure that you have an empty DVD or CD that is capable of containing all the files in the ISO image that you want to burn.

  2. Insert the DVD and ignore the Autoplay window.

  3. Right Click the ISO image (“filename.iso”) that you want to burn and go to “Open With->Windows Disc Image Burner”.

  4. From the Windows Disc Image Burner select the partition you have the DVD and press burn. You might also want to select the “Verify Disc After Burning” option to make sure there were no errors in the disk write process.

  5. When the burn process is complete, the disk will automatically be ejected.

This is it. Simple and quite useful.

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